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Main Category : GENERAL CATALOGUE: Retail and Professional / Face and Beauty Products

Pomegranate Oil - for Breast Health - 2 oz.

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Item Id: 6763311
Manufacturer: Diamond Way Ayurveda
Price: $29.00
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Pomegranate is the fruit of rejuvenation and beauty. Our Pomegranate Oil is the traditional Indian Ayurvedic oil blend to promote healthy and well toned breasts. Massage with this oil will cleanse and tone the breast tissues.


Organic Cold-Pressed Mustard Oil - cleanses the blood, opens the pores, reduces swelling, strengthens the skin, and reduces stiffness

Pomegranate Rind - contains...

- Tannins that are strong anti-oxidants and are astringent and toning

- Ellargic acid - known to stop cancer cell division and hinder DNA mutation in cells

- Anthocynins - also anti-oxidants that support connective tissue and capillaries, and is alsoanti-inflamatory

- Flavonoids that support healthy circulation

- Three estrogen compounds: luteolin, quercetin, and kaemferol and

- other ingredients that are anti-microbial/fungal/viral/bacterial

Amber essential oil blend - added to the traditional blend to be warming, comforting, erotic

To go along with this special product, Melanie Sachs has developed a delightful breast massage ritual based on Ayurvedic principles. Her breast massage protocol can be done for oneself or adapted for clients seeking this service.

Find the Breast Massage protocol in our Downloads section.

Wholesale available. Also, see "Packages and Specials" for reduce retail pricing for 6 or more.