Aromatic Golden Ghee Foot Lotion – 4oz.

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Aromatic Golden Ghee Foot Lotion – 4oz.

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A luxurious oil for foot massage...


Wholesale – Our Aromatic Ghee is made of organic butter and the essential oils of juniper, rosemary, and lavender.

Ghee is antiseptic and antibiotic in its action. It is a rejuvenative that helps to balance Vata and Pitta. The combination of juniper, rosemary, and lavender

* cools and calms

* stimulates circulation

* supports healthy adrenal function

* eases tension and fatigue

* helps lift depression and

* helps to sharpen memory

This combination helps relieve foot soreness and is excellent for reflexology and Diamond Way Ayurveda's PediKarma treatment.


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