Rainbow Body KAPHA Face Oil - 16 oz. Bulk Size

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Rainbow Body KAPHA Face Oil - 16 oz. Bulk Size

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Professional size for working with Kapha-type skin and conditions - skin that needs to be cleansed and gently stimulated...


This Kapha-Balancing Face Massage Oil is a base blend of jojoba, apricot, grape seed, and vitamin E oils combined a unique Kapha balancing essential oil blend, developed under the guidance of Melanie Sachs. It is for Kapha type skin and complexions that easily get congested and needs an oil that is warming, rich, and luxurious.


Jojoba - repairs, protects, and helps ease congestion

Apricot Seed Oil - light and warming

Grape seed Oil - light, yet nourishing

Orange - stimulates flow in lymph and circulation, uplifting

Bergamot - balances sebum, reduces perspiration, curbs appetite, lifts spirits

Rosemary - antiseptic, stimulating to nervous system, reduces cellulite, cleansing, clarity, will strengthening

Juniper Berry - reduces congestion, stimulates circulation, helps with letting go and breaking limitations


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