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Over the course of several years in the health, spa, and beauty industries, Melanie and I have had the opportunity to write on many topics for major magazines worldwide; Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, massage and beauty techniques, daily wellness practices, diet, exercise, and meditation.  These articles and interviews done with us have appeared in Les Nouvelles Esthetique, Dermascope, Day Spa Magazine, Marie Claire, Spa Management, and a number of organization and corporate newsletters.

What we have cataloged below are the articles before they were edited.  They are more complete, possibly less polished, but hopefully more useful.  Along with our forms and educational materials that we have made available in the past for download, feel free to use the information offered here for educational purposes.  As they have already been published, PLEASE DO NOT use them for publications.



Acne Rosacea

Ayurveda & Working with the Seasons


Ayurveda in Your Life: Know What Works for You


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