Ayurvedic Therapists, Spas, and Clinics

in Your Area

For all of you who are interested in experiencing the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments, here is a list of therapists, spas, and clinics in your area that offer Ayurvedic services. This list will be updated regularly.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that first and foremost this is a directory. Our goal is to serve clients and the Ayurvedic community. We do not necessarily know each and every one of the therapists, spas, and clinics listed. Thus we are not making claims with respect to each contributor's quality and service. In this regard, we would appreciate hearing from you on what your experience is with the therapists we do list.


Melanie Dias-Zair, D.C.
Location: North Glendale area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, lifestyle modifications, Ayurvedic and conventional nutrition, stress management, spinal correction and breath therapy.
Telephone: (623) 561-2511 or (623) 680-0316
email: mdias27@yahoo.com

Danny Fitzpatrick
Whole Health Coach
Location: Sedona and worldwide by phone or internet
Services: life and wellness coaching specializing in Ayurvedic lifestyle and stress management
Telephone: (928)282-1185
Email: healthcoachdanny@aol.com
Website: http://www.wholehealth-coach.com/

Jocelyn Gideon
Jocelyn's Skin and Body Care, private practice
Location: Prescott area
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Tibetan Blissful Sleep Treatment
Telephone: (928)445-8244
Email: jandjgideon@earthlink.net

Julia Keller, LMT, LE
A Glowing You
Location: Tucson area
Services: Shirodhara, PediKarma, Abhyanga,  Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Ayurvedic Facials
Telephone: (520)869-6525
Email: aglowingyou@yahoo.com
Website: www.aglowingyou.com


Seva Ahavah
The Ayurvedic Spa
Location: Nevada City
Services: Ayurvedic Facials, Marmani, Cooking, Prenatal Massage
Telephone: : 503-478-9100, ext. 2243 or 1-800-541-6699
Email: bodhiawarenesstherapies@gmail.com

Lucina Aquilina
Heartfelt Ayurveda
Location: Sebastapol area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations and nutrition, Marma point Therapy, homestyle panchakarma, Vedic Astrology
Telephone: (707)829-9452
Email: http://editor.ivenue.com/builder/lucina108@yahoo.com

Geeta Arora, Ayurvedic Practitioner
Whitney Kenney, CMT
Ayurveda Mantra Healing and Wellness Spa
Location: Palo Alto
Services: Ayurvedic consutations, Ayurvedic massage and facials, nasya, karna purana, basti, shirodhara, swedana, and panchakarma
Telephone: (650)494-9333
Email: ayurvedamantra@gmail.com
Website: www.Ayurvedamantra.com

Claire Ayriana
Ayurveda Health and Healing
Location: Northern Mountains (close to Chico/Mt. Shasta)
Services: Ayurvedic healing therapies, creative rejuvenative Ayurvedic foods
Telephone: (530) 520-0441
Email: CAyriana@aol.com

Barbara Bailey, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, RYT
Location: Sonoma Area
Services: Ayurvedic Aesthetics, Nutritional Counseling, Panchakarma Therapies, Ayurvedic Lifestyle consulting, Yoga and Fitness Personal trainer, Rejuvenation through Kayakalpa
Telephone: (415)717-3106
Email: Chandrikayoga@gmail.com

DeAnna Batdorff
Dhyana Therapeutics
Location: Sepastapol
Services: Ayurvedic essential oils and aromatherapy, Pancha Karma, Nutrition, Consultations
Email: aromaveda@ap.net  

Theresa Blackner
Location: San Francisco Bay area
Services: Abhyanga, Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, PediKarma: Ayurvedic Foot Massage, Tibetan Chakra Stone Therapy, Tibetan Shirodhara
Telephone: (805) 305-3060
Email: theresablackner@hotmail;.com

Lenida Campos,Certified Sidha Vaidya Spa Therapist, RMT, Aesthetician
Lotus Presents Parlor & Private Practice
Location: Chestnut Street, Marina, San Francisco
Services: One-on-one Yoga Therapy, Integrative Therapeutic Bodywork, Ayurvedic Body and Face Therapies: Abhyanga, Sirodhara, Customized Face Detox and Rejuvenation Treatments.
Phone: (415) 819-7979
Fax: (415) 928-5693
Email: lotuspresents@hotmail.com

Pam Duckart
N Touch Body Work and Wellness
Location: Modesto area
Services: Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga, PediKarma, Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Tibetan Shirodhara, Nadi Swedana, Karna Purana, Netra Basti
Phone: (209) 345-3013
Email: pduckart@yahoo.com

Kathy Eisenhart, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
Mountain Ayurveda
Location: 13266C Central Ave., Boulder Creek, CA 95006 (Santa Cruz and San Jose area)
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, abhyanga (massage), shirodhara and swedana (steam) treatments
Telephone: (831)338-4660
Email: kathy@mountainayurveda.com 

K. Karuna Fluhart-Negrete, MA, LMFT
Location: Santa Cruz area
Services: Ayurvedic Color Therapy, Ayurvedic Integrative Psychotherapy, certified Hakomi therapist
Telephone: 831-535-8693
Email: fullspectrumcounseling@yahoo.com

Golden Haven Hot Springs
Location: Calistoga
Services: Ayurvedic massage
Telephone: (707)942-6793
Website: http://www.goldenhaven.com/

Erica Huber, private practice
Location: Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa area
Services: Shirodhara, Ayurvedic Face Massage
Telephone: (949)233-0879
Email: lotusflower10882@yahoo.com
Phyllis Kaminska
Phyl's Garden Retreat
Location: Suisun City
Services: Ayurvedic Massage
Telephone: (707)438-0328 or (707)290-7892
email: phyllis@solanbiz.net

Usha Khosla, CAS. MD (India), Clinical Ayurveda Specialist
Ayurveda Healing Center
Location: Bay Area (Hayward)
Services: Ayurvedic herbs and medicines, diet and nutritional guidance, Pancha Karma, infertility, marma therapy, pranayama
Telephone: (510) 727-9891
Email: ushakhosla@@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.ayurvedahealingcenter.com/

Courtney LaCava, MA, CAS, PKS, CMT
Dakini Ayurveda
Location: San Francisco Bay area
Services: yoga instruction, Ayurvedic consultations and lifestyle guidance
Phone: (415)509-7055
FAX: (415)373-4695
Website: www.dakini-ayurveda.com

Jill Leslie
Ayurveda Alchemy
Location: San Francisco Bay area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, lifestyle counseling, Ayurvedic nutrition, customized herbal medicine, stress management, yoga, and meditation.  Individuals, classes, workshops, and retreats
Email: Jill@AyurvedaAlchemy.com

Lotus Levin
Lotus Healing Sanctuary
Location: Sierra Foothills, Nevada City
Services: Ayurvedic and therapeutic massage, including abhyanga, chakra stone, shirodhara, swedana, group and individual yoga, meditation and pranayama breathing
Telephone: (530)265-8811
Email: info@lotushealingsanctuary.com
Website: www.LotusHealingSanctuary.com

Tamara Morgan
Location: Sebastapol
Services: Ayurvedic consultations
Telephone: (707)829-3821
Email: ayurvedatm@earthlink.net  

Kathleen O'Dea, Clinical Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Specialist
Well*Spring Ayurveda
Location: Sierra Foothills, Nevada City
Services: women's health-nutrition and lifestyle consultations, herbal formulas, rejuvenative massage, small group classes and support
Telephone: (530)277-2877

Joelle Ottow
Votre Beaute
Location: 1611 W. Lewis, San Diego area (Mission Hills)
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation
Telephone: (619)291-6614
Email: joelle_ottow@att.net
Website: http://www.votre-beaute.com/

Holly Padove, Clinical Ayurvedic Speciaist, yoga instructor
Balanced Living Ayurveda
Location: San Luis Obispo area, central coast
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, lifestyle counseling including Ayurvedic nutrition, stress management, yoga, and meditation
Telephone: (805)773-1000 or (805)440-4561
email: hpadove@hotmail.com

 Dr. Raam Pandeya and Sophia Pandeya
Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation
Location: Healdsburg, Sonoma County California
Services: We are the oldest practitioners of Kayakalpa, an ancient
Indian system of rejuvenation, providing both Vatatapika and Kutipraveshika Kayakalpa, which takes the form of customized therapy sessions and retreats. We also provide consultation and education.
Telephone: (707) 433-3953
email: info@kayakalpalchemy.org
Website: www.kayakalpalchemy.org

Ajita Patel, CAS
Niramaya Ayurveda (May All Be Healthy)
Location: Orange County
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, custom formulas, education, seminars, meditation classes, issue-based cooking classes, aromatherapy
Telephone: (949)460-0163
Email: ajita@healingwithayurveda.com

H. S. Puri, Ph.D.
Services: Ayurvedic herbal formulas
Location: Santa Clara,CA
Herbindica@hotmail.com or Herba_indica@hotmail.com

Tina L. Quint, C.A.S., P.K.S., L.M.T.
Location: Orange County
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, herbal preparations, Pancha Karma, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Bliss Therapy, PediKarma: Ayurvedic Foot Treatment, Nasya, Swedana, Basti, Yoga training, Pranayama
Telephone: 714-342-6163
Email: tina.quint@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.tinaquint.com/

Hema Ravikumar, owner
Prasanna Ayurveda
Location: Orange County
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, personalized yoga, pranayama classes
Telephone: 714-510-4362
Email: ayurvaidyahema@gmail.com or info@prasannayurveda.com
Website: www.prasannayurveda.com

David Ray and Raashi Naidu
Location: San Jose
Services: Abhyanga, Marma, Karna Purana, Netra-Kadi-Nabi Bastis, Shirodhara, Diet/Lifestyle Counseling, Vishesh, Nasya.
Telephone: 831-236-3519
Email: davidray1001@gmail.com

Website: http://www.3guna.com/

Phyllis Rosenfeld
Oasis for Faces
Location: Ventura Area
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuventaion, PediKarma: Ayurvedic Foot Massage
Telephone: 805-320-5466
Email: oasisforfaces@yahoo.com
Shelley Rosenfeld, private practice
Conscious Skin and Body Care
Location: Alameda and Oakland area
Services: Shirodhara, Tibetan Eye Rejuvenation, Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga, Ayurvedic Facials, Ayurvedic Therapeutic Breast Massage
Telephone: (510)551-8834
Email: shelleyelise@pacbell.net

Melanie Sachs, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
Diamond Way Ayurveda
Location: Central Coast (San Luis Obispo area)
Services: Ayurvedic spa and massage education, public speaking engagements
Telephone: (866)303-3321 or (805)543-9291
Email: ayurveda8@earthlink.net

Robert Sachs
Diamond Way Ayurveda
Location: Central Coast area
Services: Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultations, Ayurvedic body therapies, meditation instruction, public speaking
Telephone: (866)303)3321 or (805)543-9291
Email: ayurveda8@earthlink.net

Sujata Shah
The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda
Location: Costa Mesa
Services: Ayurvedic nutritional counseling, cooking workshops, full Panchakarma services
Telephone: (949)515-4855
Email: sujata@thehealingardens.com
SKYPE: sujshah

Mahin Shafai
Inspiration Day Spa
Location: Menlo Park, Stanford University area, San Francisco Bay Area
Services: Ayurvedic spa and massage treatments
Telephone: (650) 854-5885
Email: mahin@inspirationdayspa.com
Website: http://www.inspirationdayspa.com/

Jamie Sprovieri
Aryah Rose Holistic Skin Care
Location: Santa Barbara area
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Tibetan Shirodhara
Telephone: (805)895-3315
Email: mailto:%20jamiesprovieri@aryahrose.com
Website: www.aryahrose.com

Alicia Sudol
Life Well Institute
Location: Culver City/Los Angeles area
Services: Panchakarma, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Nasya, Karna Purana, Marma therapy
Telephone:(310) 968-4601
Email: alasudol@yahoo.com

Surya Spa
Martha Soffer
Location: Pacific Palisades, Ca, 90272
Services: Ayurvedic counseling, full traditional Pancha Karma services
Telephone: (310) 459-7715

Asha Swaroop, MD, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
AshaAyurveda, private practice
Location: Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco Bay area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, Lifestyle counseling (including Ayurvedic nutrition and stress management), Shirodhara, Meditation
Telephone: (888)397-3477
Email: ayurvedamd@yahoo.com

Dr. Ram Tamang, Ayurvedic Physician
The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda
Location: Costa Mesa
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, meditation, yoga, breath therapy, herbal remedies, weight and stress management, full Panchakarma services
Telephone: (949)515-4855
Email: ram@thehealinggardens.com
SKYPE: ramyoga

Susan and Jeff Turner
Living Ayurveda
Location: 205 Montecito Ave., Monterey (SF and Monterey Bay area)
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, spa and bodywork treatments, Panchakarma
Telephone: (831)375-7626
Email: info@living-ayurveda.com

Traci Webb, CAS
Ayurvedic Wellness Center of Orange County
Location: Southern California (Orange County area)
Services: Ayurvedic consultations/herbs/lifestyle, Ayurvedic day spa, panchakarma/rasayana treatments, ongoing Ayurvedic seminars for the public
Telephone: (949) 275-2756
Email: webbtraci@hotmail.com
Website: http://ayurvedicliving.com

Jean Wetzel, PhD
Monarch Grove Ayurveda
Location: Los Osos and vicinity
Services: Personal Ayurvedic consultations, courses on Ayurvedic topics, Lifestyle counseling (Ayurvedic nutrition, herbs, yoga, stress relief)
Telephone: (805)528--7992
Email: samsara32@aol.com

Rhonda Woodhouse, private practice
Location: LA area
Services: Ayurvedic Dosha Assessment, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Ayurvedic Face Massage, Ayurvedic Dietary Counselling, Pancha Karma, Marma Massage, Ubtan and Lepas Application
Website: http://mahananda.com
Telephone: (323)731-0640 or cell (323)243-1028
Email: mahananda@mindspring.com

Seva Yogini, ABMT, HHP, CMT
Location: Nevada Coity Area
Services: Bliss Therapy consisting of Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedana, Westerfmn-Massaghe modalities
Telephone: 530-263-5276
Email: bodhiawarenesstherapies@gmail.com
Website: www.bodhiawarenesstherapies.com 

Fariba Zandpou - Ayurvedic Practitioner
Natural Elements Healing
Location: Laguna Beach
Services: Consultation, Pancha Karma, herbal formulations, Ayurvedic therapies and massages
Telephone: (949)394-2442
Email: elementshealing@gmail.com



Erica Ragusa, BSc, CMT #3374
Location: Breckenridge area
Services: shirodhara, abhyanga, udvartana, and swedana treatments
Telephone: 970-368-3270
Fax: 425-328-3270
Email: ambika@massagetherapy.com
Website: www.ambika.massagetherapy.com


Amba Greene, Ayurvedic Practitioner, LMT, RYT, MELT Instructor
Be Nourished Ayurveda
Location: East central Florida
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, Abhyanga, shirodhara, swedana, marma, Face rejuvenation, and Ayurvedic cleansing and detox programs
Telephone: 772-589-9739
Email: amba1008@earthlink.net
Website: www.benourished.net 

Richard A. Masla LMT, ND, Ayurvedic Practitioner
Ayurveda Health Retreat
Location: North Central Florida Region and Maui
Services: 3-5-7 days or more Pancha Karma retreat, Ayurvedic consultations, Yoga, Jyotish
Telephone: 800-411-6997
Email: Rasa108@aol.com
website: www.AyurvedaHealthRetreat.com

Martha Oakes, PPAD
Sacred Window, private practice
Location: North Central Florida region
Services: Ayurvedic Post-Partum Doula, Advanced Specialty Training, Aromatherapy, Literature (Book: Mothering Mothers: 42 days after childbirth for 42 years), national Ayurvedic Doula referrals
Telephone: (352)378-3660
Email: martha@sacredwindow.com
Website: www.sacredwindow.com

Denise O'Dunn
Balance & Bliss, Inc.
Location: Tampa area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, doshic abhyanga, shirodhara, baspa svedhana, garshana, pizichili, pinda svedhana, udvartana, mukhabhyanga, netra basti, kati basti, in residence panchakarma
Telephone: (727)417-4006
Email: balanceandbliss@gmail.com
Website: www.balanceandbliss.com

Pauline B. Roy Facial Specialist, Licensed Paramedical Aesthetician
Koskas’s Spa & Boutique, Inc.
Location: Miami, Florida
Services: Shirodhara, Face Massage, Body Wraps, Aromatherapy, Nails, Custom Treatments, and Natural Skin Care
Telephone: 1-800-494-7675, or Local (305) 265-7793
Fax: 1-800-494-7675
Email: Info@koskasspanboutique.com or Contactus@koskasspanboutiue.com
Website: www.Koskasspanboutique.com

Elizabeth Cortes
Holistic Skin Care by Elizabeth
Location: Orlando/Winter Park area
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Tibetan Shirodhara
Telephone: 407-970-0870
Website: www.elisabethcortes.com




Heidi Lenz, Licensed Aesthetician
Sacred Journey Therapies
Location: Haleiwa and Honolulu
Services: Ayurvedic Face and Body Rejuvenation, Shirodhara, PediKarma, Kansa Wand services, Shankara skincare, Ayurvedic massage
Telephone: (808)748-1448
Email: lorettalenz.lenz092@gmail.com

Betty Schneider, licensed aesthetician (CIDESCO)
Save Face, Inc.
Location: Maui
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Ayurvedically inspired skincare line called Derma Spa Essentials
Telephone: (808)572-8929
Email: dermaspa@maui.net
Website: www.dermaspa.com


Nutan Bhonsale: Ayurvedic Practitioner
Location: Naperville, Glenview, ansd Desplaines
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, lifestyle modifications, Panchakarma, diet and nutrition, stress management, therapeutic yoga and meditation, Ayurvedic classes
Telephone: (630)780-6023
nutanbhonsale@yahoo.com or gbhamare@aol.com


Dr.Lilly Partha
Holistic Health Inc.
Location: Woodridge and worldwide by internet or phone
Services: Ayurvedic acupuncture, lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, nutrition and herbs, magnetic healing, remote healing, face rejuvenation, allergy elimination, autism
Telephone: (630)737-1970
Email: drpartha@holistichealthchicago.com
Website: www.holistichealthchicago.com

PSI Presents Serenity
Location: Skokie area
Services: Ayurvedic services
Telephone: (847)329-9012
FAX: (847)223-2798


Jon Alan Vice, aesthetician and massage therapist
Jon Alan Atelier
Location: Indianapolis
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Abhyanga, PediKarma: Ayurvedic Foot Treatment
Telephone: (317)202-0063


Deborah Gray, private practitioner
Location: Wicheta area
Services: Ayurvedic Face Massage, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Ayurvedic Body Wraps
Telephone: (316)945-7689


Belinda Baer, Ayurvedic Consultant, Bodyworker, yoga Teacher
Location: Silver Springs area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic bodywork treatments, private yoga sessions
Telephone: 301-683-8815
Email: belinda@belindabaer.com
Website: www.wisewomanayurveda.com


BodiScience, Day Spa, Wellness Center
Contact: Dawn Tardif, D.Ay
Location: 20 minutes north of Boston
Services: Tibetan Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Nasya, Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, customized treatments, Educational Classes for Practitioners (regional Diamond Way Ayurveda training with Dawn Tardif)
Telephone: (978)927-9919
Email: info@bodiscience.com
Website: www.bodiscience.com

Margaret Dreyfus, RPP, LMT, Reiki Master, Aesthetician
Nurturing Your Body
Location: The 9th House, Arlington, MA and Daryl Christopher Spa, Waltham, MA
Private Practice: Kittery, Maine
Services: Energy Therapies (Polarity, Reiki, Ryse), Shirodhara, Facial Rejuvenation, Holistic Massage
Phone: (617) 852-8082
Email: margdrey@comcast.net


Deborah Myers, RYT, Reiki Master, CMT, HHP
Yoga's 1000 Petal Lotus, LLC
Location: Waterford, MI
Services: Intuitive Massage, Reiki, PediKarma, Doula, Life Coach
Phone: (248)431-6506
Email: yogas1000petallotus@gmail.com
Website: www.yogas1000petallotus.com

Stacy Theodossin, private practice
Healing Goddess, LLC
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Services: Pancha Karma, Marma Massage, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Stress Management through meditation, Chakra Balancing, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki. Education and Public Speaking. Ayurvedic Oils available for purchase.
Phone: 248-495-HEAL (4325)
Email: healinggoddess@aol.com





Pure Land Ayurveda
Location: Excelsior area
Services: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations, Ayurvedic Nutritional Counseling, Yoga Therapy, Rejuvenative Therapies, including Abhyanga, Vishesh, Garshana and site-specific treatments;  Netra Basti, Kati Basti
Office Phone: 612-293-7391
Email: tricia@purelandayurveda.com
Website: www.purelandayurveda.com



Dr. Sharada Hall, DOM, CAyu
Location: Santa Fe and via SKYPEphone
Services: Ayurvedic constitutional and nutritional consultations, herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy
Phone: (505)982-4183
Email: sharada@bodhimed.com
Website: www.bodhimed.com  

Amadea Morningstar, MA, RPP, CPE
Location: Santa Fe area, but available for workshops around the country
Services: individualized Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations, sponsoring Ayurvdic workshops with other teaches such as Donald VanHowten and Elizabeth Hammond
Telephone: (505)466-4108
Website: www.soul-centered-healing.com


The Springs Integrative Medical Center and Spa - designated Diamond Way Ayurveda service provider
Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic
Location: Clifton Springs (Rochester area)
Services: Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga, Tibetan Shirodhara, PediKarma, Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Pancha Karma (under medical supervision)
Telephone: (315)462-1350
Website: www.thespringsofclifton.com




Wendy and John Corcoran
Riverside Day Spa and Wellness
Location: 1201 North Road Street, Elizabeth City, 27909
Services: Shirodhara, Rasayana
Telephone: (252)335-2440
Email: lightkeeperswellness@earthlink.net

Vishnu Das, NTS, LMT, CAyu
Blue Lotus Ayurveda Center
Location: Asheville area
Services: Health consultations, Pancha Karma, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Basti Therapeutics, Marma Chikitsa, Yoga Therapy, Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling
Telephone: (828)713-4266

Shoshanna DiBetta
Stone and Spa - Ayurvedic Healing Arts and Bodywork Trainings
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Services: Ayurvedic Consultations, Restorative Ayurvedic Retreats, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedana, Hot Stone Massage
Telephone: (703)307-1523
Website: www.stoneandspa.com
Email: info@stoneandspa.com

Tony Francis - LMBT
Aqua Essence Day Spa
Location: Duck, North Carolina
Treatments: Shirodhara, Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga
Telephone: (252)261-9709
Email: tonyfrancis@aquaessencedayspa.com
Website: http://aquaessencedayspa.com



Marie Banks, private practitioner, licensed aesthetician
Serenity, Mind, Body, and Soul
Location: Columbus and vicinity
Services: Tibetan Shirodhara, natural skin care, nutritional consultations
Telephone: 614-262-9937
Email: mbanks0652@wowway.com

Anjali Brannon, CA, RPP
Ayurveda Natural Health Center
Location: Dayton area
Services: Ayurvedic Pulse and Health Assessments, Nutritional, Herbal and Lifestyle Counseling, Sneha (Ayurvedic Customized Warm Oil Massage), Swedana (Steam therapy), Shirodhara, Pancha Karma, Marma Chikitsa, Therapeutic Bodywork, Yoga, Movement and Educational Classes
Telephone: (937) 429.WELL
Website: http://www.midwestayurveda.com/

Wendy Lowes, LME, LMT, Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Peaceful Life Ayurveda
Willowes Skin Care and Massage Therapy

Joy Lawrence
Windsong Massage and Therapies, Inc.
Location: Columbus and New Albany areas
Services: Abhyanga/Bahya Snehana, Shirodhara, Kansa Vataki, Swedana, Kati Basti, Hrid Basti, Ayuyrvedic Face and Scalp massage, and one-on-one yoga instruction
Telephone: (614)406-5613
Email: joyrubs@gmail.com
Websites: www.joyrubs.com

Sujatha Reddy BAMS, MSEd, LPC
Location: Columbus and New Albany areas
Services: Ayurvedic Consultations, pranayama, meditation, mental health counseling
Telephone: (614)245-0400 or (614)939-2308

Email: Sureddy@heartland-wellness.com
Webiste: www.heartland-wellness.com


Shivani and Steven Chase
Daystar Center for Well-Being
Location: NE Oklahoma- between Tulsa, OK and Fayetteville, AR.
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, treatments and education. Pancha Karma. Yoga and meditation instruction.
Telephone: 918-456-6388
Email: shivanichase@yahoo.com



Robert H. McLaughlin - Centre For Well Being
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, lifestyle modifications, Ayurvedic nutrition, stress management, holistic physical therapy, yoga, massage, facials and meditation.
Telephone: (215) 745-4025

Daniel Myers
breath 3
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Services: Shirodhara, Reiki, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy
Telephone: 215-901-0899
Website: www.breath3.com

Penny Ordway
Eviama Life Spa
Location: Philadelphia
Services: Durga Divine Ayurveda Facial, Kanasa Marma Infusion, PediKarma, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy
Telephone: 215-545-3344
Email: greenspirit@eviama.com
Website: www.eviama.com

Dr. (Vaidya) Lina Thakar, Ayurvedic Physician and Practitioner
Ayurvedic Integrative Wellness Institute
Location: Steubenville
Services: Full Ayurvedic services, consultations, and education
Telephone: 412-809-0999
Email: drlina@ayupgh.com
Website: www.ayupgh.com and www.ayulina.com






Barbara Booth
Serenity Day Spa
Location: Sherman
Services: Ayurvedic Face rejuvenation, PediKarma
Telephone: (903)271-1204
Email: barbarafromserenity@gmail.com
Website: www.SerenityofSherman.com/facebookserenityofsherman

Scarlet Davis, Cosmetologist
Location: Portland, Corpus Christi areas
Services: PediKarma: Ayurvedic foot treatment
Telephone: (361)813-9107
Email: info@ScarlettStyle.com

Website: www.ScarlettStyle.com

Mary Hunter, private practice
Location: El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM
Services: Shirodhara, Ayurvedic Face Massage
Telephone: (915) 845-2829
Website: http://faceetc.com

Melanie Orris (private practice)
Location: 2550 Elm St. Deep Ellum, Dallas
Services: Shirodhara, Therapeutic Bodywork
Telephone: 214.823.2485 or 214.742.2500


Nancy Saflarski (spa owner)
Beautiful Changes Spa
Location: Garden Ridge 78266
Services: PediKarma, Massage, Reflexology, Facials, Oncology Skincare
Telephone: 210-646-7546
Website: www.beautifulchangesspa.com


Ileana Gonzalez
Location: Falls Church
Services: Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Nasya Karma, Shiro-abhyanga, Karna puranam, Bliss Therapy Detox package, Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling, beauty treatments
Telephone: 703-573-7829
Email: apurva_wellness@yahoo.com
Website: www.apurvawellness.com


David Mathis, MD, FAAFP, ABHM, D.Ay and Debbie Mathis, MA, D.Ay
Location: Washington D.C. area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic herbs and related products, Ayurvedic infant massage, meditation, classes in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic therapies
Telephone: (703)738-9072
Email: info@ayurveda-md.com


Karen Edwards, Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master, QiGong Level I instructor, Aesthetician
Temple of Light
Location: Wenatchee, Washington
Services: Ayurvedic Skin Care, Shirodhara, Shirobhyanga, Reiki and Workshops, Food Karma, QiGong, and workshops
Telephone: 509-470-0422

E-mail: templekarma@yahoo.com

Juliet Jivanti, certified Ayurvedic Consultant, registered Yoga teacher
Ayurvedic Health Center
Location: Bellingham area
Services: Ayurvedic consultations, treatments, Pancha Karma, Ayurvedic Yoga, and special events
Telephone: 360-734-2396
Website: www.AyurvedicHealthCenter.com
Email: juliet@AyurvedicHealthCenter.com

Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa D.N.-C., R.H.
International Integrative Educational Institute
Location: Seattle WA & Eugene OR
Services: Ayurvedic Practitioner/Lifestyle & Well-being Consultant, Yoga instruction, Public speaking, Educational classes for Practitioners and for the general public
Telephone: 206-440-1284
Email: contactkpkhalsa@hotmail.com
Website: www.kpkhalsa.com



British Columbia


Melanie Boileau
Melanie's Massage, private practice
Location: Hills District, around Sydney
Services: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage; PediKarma(tm), Ayurvedic Body Wraps
Telephone: 61-(0)410 621 409


Mary Woolley
Ananda Veda: Holistic Living
Location: Newcastle, Hunter Region NSW
Services: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling, Ayurvedic herbal and oil preparations, traditional treatment, including massage, Shirodhara, and Kati Bast
Telephone: 61-(0)400 494 166
Website: www.nanadaveda.com.au



Barbora Moravkova, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
Ayurvedic Living
Location: Wiesbaden
Services: Pancha Karma, Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic Fae Rejuvenation, Heart Basti, Karna Purana (ear basti), Katti Bast (for lower back), Abhyanga, Nasya, Netra Basti, Shirodhara
Websites: www.ayurveda-holistic-medicine.com and www.ayurvedaliving.com
Email: barbora@ayurvedaliving.com





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