Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation and Kansa Wand Class

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Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation and Kansa Wand Class

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A beautiful stand-alone face rejuvenation technique that can be included with standard facials. Enhanced with the use of the kansa face wand.

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Description: Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation is a three part series designed to be a 60 to 90-minute hands on service that has three parts. OPENING - quickly calms, balances and relaxes even the most high drive client. MARMA - specific points and strokes are used on the face to revitalize the tissues. This sequence fits in well as the massage portion of any facial. CLOSING - pleasantly invigorating sequence to refresh the body and clear the mind so the client can leave relaxed but alert. The unique combination of gentle, balancing touch, use of marmas (vital energy) points, stimulating scalp and ear massage, together with aromatic oils/lotions can deeply calm, refresh, re-energize your face and whole being. The parts may be used together and combined with questionnaires, product advice and relaxation time to make a 90-minute service. Segments of this protocol can used as an add on service or can be included and adapted in addressing specific problems such as tired eyes, sinus problems, or jaw tension. THEORY * Introduction to Ayurveda - Ayurvedic treatments and principles * Five elements and three doshas * Understanding mind/body types and using questionnaires * Factors that balance and aggravate doshas, subtle energies of the body * Discussion of customizing treatments - six sense theory * Understanding your co-workers based on Ayuvedic understanding PRACTICAL * Work on the feet to relax the head, neck, shoulders and back * Polarity balancing techniques * Scalp treatment with warm oils * Work on the neck and chest * Face rejuvenation using marmas * Work on the ears to freshen the body and clear the mind

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