Ayurvedic Bath Salts – 1lb.

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Ayurvedic Bath Salts – 1lb.

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For a soothing foot or full-body bathing experience...


Wholesale – Our bath salts combine Himalayan red salt with essential oils of bay, eucalyptus, and ginger.

Himalayan Red Salt has a number of healing properties:

* regulates the water content throughout the body

* promotes a healthy PH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells

* promotes blood sugar health and reduces the signs of aging

* helps in food absorption through the intestinal tract

* supports sinus and respiratory health

* prevents muscle cramps

* promotes bone strength

* promotes regular sleep

* supports the libido

* promotes vascular health, including the regulation of blood pressure

Essential oil of Bay:

* helps to calm VATA

*brings circulation to the surface of the skin

* eases rheumatic pain

* boosts energy and confidence

* arouses clarity

* supports immune function

* stimulates healthy appetite and digestion and

* is antiseptic and anti-bacterial

Essential oil of Eucalyptus:

* is helpful to Pitta

* is an anti-inflammatory

* improves a sense of vitality and freshness

* aids mental clarity and concentration

* curbs anger and irrational behavior and

* eases rheumatic and bronchial conditions

Essential oil of Ginger:

* helps to stimulate and remove excess Kapha>BR>
* relieves fatigue and nervous exhaustion

* eases deep achesand pains

* improves circulation

* builds courage, confidence, and decisiveness

* clears confusion

* warms the soul and eases loneliness and

* builds endurance

This bath and foot salt is Tridoshic - good for all body types. They will bring a sigh of relief when added to your tub or foot bath.

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