The Ecology of Oneness: Awakening in a Free World

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The Ecology of Oneness: Awakening in a Free World

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Robert Sachs explore and shares a unifying spiritual vision from which we can create an inclusive, sustainable world in which we can survive and thrive.


"We live in a melting pot world where competing worldviews and paradigms contribute to, but are also the victim of collapsing social and political infrastructures. Add to this undeniable climate change and the result is global turbulence manifesting as environmental degradation, wars, terrorism, growing fundamentalisms, pandemics, and increasing levels of despair and anxiety. Yet, there is also emerging what could best be described as a growing tribe of conscious, engaged individuals united in recognition of the interdependency of all sentient life and a vision of sustainability rooted in eco-sensitivity. These people, whether they are consciously united or not, are the foundation of and beacons for an ecology of oneness. Their vision and call may not cause a massive transformation of the whole of humanity. But, in troubled times, individuals and groups who hold such a vision act as “pockets of light,” promoting mindfulness, supporting the development of our inherent moral compass, and remind us to engage and cooperate with worlds both visible and invisible in which we are cohabitants. An ecology of oneness beckons a spiritual transformation of global magnitude. Although author Robert Sachs practices Tibetan Buddhism, his studies under and times spent with renowned masters from all faiths and traditions makes The Ecology of Oneness a life guide for all. He empowers us to be a light, support, and friend to every being we come into contact with. If we embrace and embody such a vision, we awaken in a free world beyond religious, racial, or social differences and experience the oneness that is at once the truth and our salvation."

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